Be a role model to your child

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is a universal principle that is applicable even to human beings and not only the things. Our children do exactly what we do and not what we say them to do. They are our exact reflection, therefore watch your actions. It is easy to control and amend our conscious actions (needs lots of conscious efforts) but what about the actions that arise from our subconscious mind? Well, it is easy to notice them if we keep our minds wide open and receptive to the feedback even from a young child and not taking it offensively (your ego is very expensive, kindly don’t loose it!). Remember, we as parents, can be the best role models for our children and their failure or success actually reflects our failure or success, since they are nothing but our mirror images. If we want them to get early in the morning then we have to get up first, if we want them to speak truth then we must see to it that we demonstrate the same at all the times. My God, our children are very clever, they notice even a small variation in our actions and try to imitate it. We too are humans and at times we too can be wrong, but rather than justifying our wrong actions it is wise to accept our mistake and promise our child that it will never happen again (just as we expect our child to do in that situation) and see to it that it never happens again.
Our small efforts on the day today basis will make us a hero in the eyes of our child and will prompt them to follow the same (at which they are good at, copying). So, be a reason for your child’s action that makes them proud and us too.
I’m sure you are following the same principles and will be a hero of your child (as my parents are).

– Gurdeep Singh


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