Our children, our greatest and our only treasure

I’m sure you all will agree with me that the above statement is an absolute truth. I strongly believe that every child on the face of this earth is a born genius. It is we, the parents (major) and our environment (to some extent) unknowingly and due to the lack of proper education in parenting, force them to mediocrity. I have not seen a single parent who does not wish for the bright future for their children but it is so unfortunate that human species is the only species who become parents without knowing how to behave like one. This is all because of the way we get our education. We are educated to be a performer so that we can compete in this fierce world of competition and thus we lag behind in the understanding of the basics of life.

Life is meant to enjoy it and not to work day and night madly to accumulate the materials of this world, which ultimately are going to remain here. Now this basic psyche is making our children lose their genius. We force them to think like we do and kill their basic instincts and passion given to them by the Mother Nature. Just look are the carefree smile, truth and innocence our children have and at times it really makes me feel that may be we are jealous of these attributes, that is why we want to take it away from them (Isn’t it !). Children are just like budding, delicate plants which have their own direction and pace of growth. We want them to grow in the direction we want and the height of unawareness is when we want them to grow at the pace we want.

Come on friends, it is so naïve for us to ask our kids to perform well when they are grown up and forgetting the fact that it is we who have to perform because they are not living their but our lives. We wanted a mango from an apple tree and now when the tree grows up and the mangoes don’t show up we get frustrated and start blaming the grown up tree, which at this time is so depressed and confused that it is now not able to produce even apples, for which it was made for. It is the high time for us to be just a support to our kid’s growth and should never interfere in their pace or the direction of their growth. Believe me, they will never let you down and whatever fruit they are destined to produce, they will produce the best in the world if you just take care of providing them a pure fertilizer of love, affection and support to them. Because life always finds its way, but it is we who interfere and make it directionless.

I’m sure this will be a useful information for you and will help you understand your child even more.

– Gurdeep Singh


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