Rejection is a MYTH


Sales professionals will really be able to appreciate the meaning of the word ‘REJECTION’. It really sounds like a nightmare to be rejected in the marketplace. If we just separate the feeling associated with the term ‘Rejection’ we will be able to closely analyze the situation which led to rejection.

Before we go further, let me tell you one thing (always remember) – “It was the idea that you presented, that was rejected and NOT YOU”. Always consider rejection at a logical level and never take it personal. Remember ‘Rejections’ are a part of our progress, rejections aligns us with the kind of person we need to become in order to be successful. If we really understand the cause of rejection then we will learn from it and will improve in our very next approach, and perhaps we again might get rejected but this time the cause may be different (time to learn another lesson).

Rejection is just an incidence which will be forgotten by both you and the other person/institution that rejected you. You are rejected as a person only when you stop learning from the rejections and stop improving yourself. Never give up, situations come to us temporarily to teach us a lesson, to help us improve, always be as flexible as a grass blade to adapt in any situation and move on.

Colonel Sanders (founder of KFC) was rejected 1009 times before he heard his first ‘yes’. He was a great example of how one can take ‘Rejection’ in a positive manner and move on to create a huge success. Rejections can be handled by having a deep sense of perseverance, dedication, and ambition along with hard work.

I would suggest you to go out and face as many rejections as you can and fail your way towards success.

  • Gurdeep Singh

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