7 signs of NEGATIVE people


If you need to grow with leaps and bounds in your life then it is not only important for you to remain positive in every situation but also to keep away from the negative ones. It is wise to stay away from negative people rather than wasting your energies to make them think positively, because you cannot change anyone, but yes, you can set an example so that they might get some idea how positivity helps.

Negative people are so expert negative thinkers that they will drag you to their level and then beat you up with their experience, so avoidance of any such argument is the best policy.

You might wonder how would you identify such negative people at the first place, then look for these seven signs, which generally are present all together in a negative person:

1 -The are Never Happy

They are not at all happy for you when you achieve something good in your life. You can easily make through their fake happiness for your achievement. Often these people are seen backbiting, and you can just imagine what they would be talking about you when you are not present!

2 – They are Never Wrong

No matter what happens, they are never at fault. Their mantra is “I’m never wrong and it is not my fault”. So you will find them blaming everyone than themselves. These guys love to blame others. So, if you find someone blaming you for the fault you are not even remotely connected to, then don’t take it personally, it is not your problem. I think the best way is to avoid any argument and try to avoid the situation, because anyhow, the authorities will find out what went wrong.

3 – They prefer Arguments

Of course, it is really hard to win a point in a discussion when the starting point is – “It’s not my fault”. This is where rather than discussion, arguments starts, and you know now that you will never be able to win an argument with negative people, as their experience is far more robust than yours in this area. Beware! never get into any argument with these people.

4 – They are Takers and not Givers

These people love to take from you and find it very hard to give you anything. A deep sense of insecurity drives them to accumulate as much as they can and loosing anything from their hand makes them insecure. Even then if they ask something from you, you should offer them graciously not because you want to avoid any argument but because you are a giver, and giver are always happy.

5 – They love Gossip

It looks like backbiting is their favorite sport Negative people love gossiping about people who are not around. This gives them the feeling of being better than others. Since they are in the denial mode, they rarely learn, so to show themselves to be  bigger than others they choose to gossip and backbite. If you happen to hear some of the gossip about you, don’t loose your cool as it is not going to demean you but the person who is gossiping.

6 – Their life is full of Drama

Have you ever watched a popular daily soap on you TV? Well, you will find the life of negative people as dramatic as that. Not only that, they love to drag you into their drama. Since they don’t want to live in reality, their life is full of drama and they keep blaming everything except them for their situation.

7 – They need Control

So true, they don’t have their life in their control, so they are in a continuous pursuit to take over the control of others’ lives. How do they do it? The belittle you to keep you under their control. They are actually control freaks. Since they don’t have the ability to grow, they tray and drag others down so that they look tall comparatively, which seldom helps. To avoid such interactions, keep calm and just don’t take their words to your heart. Remember you are what you are and someone’s opinion about you doesn’t have to become your reality.

  • Gurdeep Singh


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