Decision to act: 5-step plan


It is a wondrous thing that the decision to act releases energy in the personality. For the days on, a person may drift alone without much energy, have no particular sense of direction and having no will to change. Then something happens to alter the pattern and may be, very simple and consequential in itself, but it stabs awake, it alarms and disturbs, in a flash, it gives a vivid picture of oneself and it passes. THE RESULT IS DECISION, sharp, definitive decision and in the wake of decision, yes, even as the path of decision itself, energy is released. The act of decision sweeps all before it and life of an individual may be changed forever. Once you decide to take decision, to act, you begin to access power within you that will increase and enhance your personal power.

Decision to act is one of the easiest and also the most difficult part. Most of us wish for things to happen and are even convinced with the idea of the same, but deciding, sometimes take the entire lifetime. Below are the five steps that will help you act on your decision to act:

1 – Realize and accept

The first and often the most difficult part of decision making, is realization and acceptance of the fact that something needs to be done in this situation. Things do happen around us and within us, but most of the time we take it for granted and keep living with it (sometimes, even throughout our lives). Things starts getting worse and our adapting nature keeps adjusting to the ever-worsening situation, and there comes a time when you yell inside you – ‘Enough is enough’, that very moment is the moment of realization. This is the time to accept the fact with courage and time to decide (remember, this is the time to decide only, don’t even think for a fraction of a second how to act upon it, as your current state of mind will not be able to show the path of action). Just decide and don’t just wish, as wish is situational but decision is permanent.

2 – Is procrastination helping or hurting you?

The very nature of humans is to get into as much comfort as possible, this is the root cause of all the problems of life. Even if we know that we need to act on a decision the we made, we keep procrastinating to act upon it. This is the time to ask ourselves a question (if required, again and again and if possible post it on the wall of your room) – ‘Is procrastination helping or hurting me?’

3 – What is blocking you?

Procrastination, of course won’t be helping you in most of the cases, so it is time to ask another useful question to yourself – What is blocking me? Why don’t I have the courage to face it? Most of the times the answer to this will be ‘FEAR’, fear of failure, fear of approval by others, fear of feeling foolish, etc. But most of the times fear turns out to be – False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR). Remember, if you are fearing failure it is only because one reason – ‘What will people say?’ Well, let me tell you one thing, 80% of the people don’t care and the remaining 20% are glad that you failed. So rather than looking for the blocks, look for the ways.

4 – Worst case scenario

The best way to act on your decision is to consider the worst-case scenario. This will give you a perspective and will prepare you for the worst that can happen, at least nothing beyond can happen. Acceptance of the situation in your mind will free your mental creative faculties, that will help you find effective ways to act. This step is very important, as most of the fears will shed and will give you the strength to act.

5 – The feeling after acting

We are emotional beings and our activities are rooted from our emotional state. We either act to avoid pain or to gain pleasure, therefore the feeling associated with our actions is very important. The feeling of ease and pleasure will motivate us to act and this is the reason why it is very important to know how you are going to feel after acting on your decision. The feeling of pleasure will motivate you to act on your decision.

Whenever you are bewildered by the question, whether to act on your decision or not, do consider this 5-step formula to help you out.

  • Gurdeep Singh

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