Paradigm Shift

‘There is nothing as powerful as an idea that enters the mind and changes it forever’

Sitting in a park after a day’s tedious work I planned to spend some time in the calm of the greens with some fresh air. Soon a man came with his 3 small kids and occupied a place next to me on the bench. The kids started playing in front of their father who sat silently beside me uttering not a single word. The kids were playing and shouting and creating a disturbance in the calm I was looking forward to. Seeing no other place to sit in the park. I was expecting the father of the kids to manage them so that they play without disturbing the people around there.  Waiting for some time and seeing that the person sitting beside me has no clue as though how disturbing these children are to the people sitting there and was not paying any attention whatsoever, I angrily decide to interrupt the silence and ask the person to manage his kids so that everyone doesn’t get disturbed. I told – “It has been some time now and you have not asked your children not to shout and disturb others in the park. Would you mind asking them not to shout and disturb others?” Upon this he said in a deep grieving voice that he has just come from the hospital and is still figuring out the way how to tell his kids that they have just lost their critically ill mother in the hospital. My anger suddenly vanished and I felt ashamed on my behavior and was soon condoling and asking that person for the possible help I can be to him. This paradigm shift changed my entire way of thinking in any situation.


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