The Success Cycle


Overnight success requires years of preparation, hard work and discipline. Success any how is not something that is pursued, success is something that is attracted by who we become. It is wise to look back and audit our past to see the pattern of our success and make some fine adjustments to make it progressive Although, past success guarantees no future security but if one understands the cycle of how he/she achieved that success, can help the person apply the same principles in their lives to ensure success in their future endeavors too. Therefore, let us understand ‘The Success Cycle’ which is universal.

1 – DREAMS: Nothing is more powerful than a ‘Dream’. In fact, our life is nothing but a dream which we live each day. Look at any human advancement from a small matchstick to the spacecraft, each and every achievement was once a dream of someone. Our entire life, we either work to fulfil our own dreams or the dreams of others. Dreams are the precursors of Success, but they are just the starting point.

2 – BURNING DESIRE: A person with a powerful dream and a strong sense of purpose can move mountains, as this creates a strong ‘Burning Desire’ to achieve it. This desire is beyond wishful thinking, it is a committed decision to self that no matter what situations or circumstances arise, you say to yourself – ‘Either I will find a way, or make one’. Burning desire is the fuel that propels you forward against all the setbacks and criticism. It takes just one committed decision to convert your dreams into a burning desire. This is the source of passion and perseverance.

3 – STRONG BELIEF: This is the third phase where the strong burning desire makes a person to set goals and plan their actions, leading to the development of Strong Belief in oneself. Belief in oneself is the foundation of all great achievements. Belief creates enthusiasm, the driving force behind all great activities that keeps us busy finding ways to accomplish tasks.

4 – ACTIONS: No matter how wonderful, practical, profitable and implementable the idea is, nothing works, if you don’t. Then why is that after all that is required is with us but we fail to succeed? The answer is simple and it is called – Action. Action requires knowledge and skill and this is where most of us fail to train ourself and thus fear action. Fear of action makes us so debilitating that we fear taking even a single step forward. What do we fear? We fear FAILURE. Failure, since childhood, is what we always dread for, as we have been conditioned to believe that failure is the opposite of Success, but we need to unlearn that. Failure in not the opposite but the part of success. Once we embrace this idea we will learn to fail our way towards success Failure is inevitable if we wish to achieve something big in out lives. Thomas Edison failed 10000 times to successfully make the first incandescent light bulb. Gaining Skill and Knowledge to take action is crucial, so keep on improving yourself as it is nice to be prepared and have no opportunities than having an opportunity and being not prepared for it.

5 – SUCCESS OR FAIURE: Now after taking action, either a person will succeed or fail, in either case their is a learning from it, which when understood rationally helps take future actions. Either ‘Success’ or ‘Failure’, both are events that are temporary and will change with our next course of actions, but to progressively achieve success we need to learn from out results, build new dreams or strengthen the old ones, with the strong sense of purpose create a burning desire, which then builds belief in oneself, and with skill and knowledge take massive actions to get the results (either success or failure). If we succeed, there are new avenues to explore and if we fail we now know that we need to change our approach, and thus the cycle continues.

6 – MOTIVATION and DISCIPLINE: This entire cycle runs on the platform of motivation and discipline. One needs to be self motivated and strictly disciplined to run ever step of the cycle with courage and enthusiasm. Keeping away from the negatives (which is nearly impossible) and gathering more of the positive information (which is achievable) can help us charged and enthused. Creating a strict discipline to follow our dreams towards actions make us lead towards success.

The more you practice this cycle, the more stronger you become and this is how your chances of getting successful increases every time.

Here is the summary of ‘The Success Cycle’

the-success-cycle– Gurdeep Singh


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