Acing an Interview and Winning at Group Discussion

A sure way to win a job

Successful interviewing and GD will be essential in order to get a job. Understanding the important areas of preparation before appearing at an interview and GD is vital for its success. Let us understand various areas to work upon from applying for the job to appearing for the most awaited interview and the most dreading Group Discussion.


  • Understanding the purpose, procedure and outcome of an interview
  • Need for a GD and Interview
  • Exposure to the possibilities in an interview
  • Eliminate anxiety
  • Build a confident attitude


  • Understanding the need and types of Interview and a Group Discussion
  • Keeping your inventory
  • Creating personal profile (including resume)
  • What to prepare and what to practice
  • 12 TIPS for successful interview outcome
  • Typical and Behavioral Questions
  • 50 most commonly asked interview Questions
  • ‘W5’ model for answering behaviour based questions
  • ‘PAWS’ model for answering classic questions
  • Tackling tricky situations
  • Covering major areas in a Group Discussion
  • What to say and what not to say in a GD
  • Opening and Closing at GD
  • How to avoid arguments

The broad areas covered in the program:

  • Nonverbal Communication and Body Language
  • Presentational Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Delivery Skills
  • Principles and Techniques of making Presentations with impact

Methodology: Lectures, Presentation Film, Exercises, Role plays, Games,

Duration: 1 day


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