Building Confidence and Self-Esteem

“The very essence of education is concentration of mind, not the collecting of facts”

Swami Vivekanand

The lack of confidence is due to the lack of self-esteem and without building self-esteem it is impossible to build self-confidence. Building self-esteem requires a strong will to improve and a step by step process to dive the fear away and lead the way to success.


  • Understanding the need of building self-esteem
  • Presentation of low self-esteem
  • Taking FEAR out of life and developing the power of BELIEF
  • Ways of building confidence


  • The power of BELIEF
  • Every small thinker’s biggest weakness – Excusitis
  • Understanding the role of Mind
  • FEAR and ways to banish Fear
  • Ways of controlling own thoughts
  • 6 TIPS to deal with the lack of self-Confidence
  • 5 Foundational Steps for building Confidence
  • 6 rules that will Boost the self-esteem
  • Activities and Games to build confidence.

Ideal for: Students and Teachers


  • Understanding of one-self
  • Boost in the level of confidence
  • Understanding of the ways to keep high in the low world
  • Have handy tips to remain positive
  • Useful applications in every aspect of life

Methodology: Lectures, Questionnaires, Brainstorming, Group Discussions/Activities, Presentations, Role Plays, Games

Duration: 1 day


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