Presentation Skills

“It takes one hour of preparation for each minute of presentation time.”

– Wayne Burgraff

The power to persuade is the power to succeed. Throughout the ages, the ability to speak has been a prerequisite for leadership. Even in a computer-dominated society, persuasive speaking skills are essential to being an effective executive. For very few people, the art of making a crisp and well-organized presentation comes naturally. But, for most of us, it is a skill that we must learn and work at constantly.


  • To present ideas distinctively, creatively and convincingly
  • To develop the skills for expressive, persuasive and dynamic presentations
  • To improve presentation effectiveness through the use of visual aids and multimedia


  • Factors that create impact in Face- to-Face Presentations
  • Non Verbal Communication: Posture, Movement, Gestures
  • Using Body Language in Presentations
  • The process of Preparing Effective Presentations
  • Determining the Strategy and Objective’s of a Presentation
  • Creating the Outline of a Presentation
  • Organizing and Presenting your ideas in an Impact way
  • Starting Successfully: How to Begin a Presentation
  • Techniques for Concluding a Presentation with impact
  • Developing and Using effective Visual Aids
  • Performance and Voice Modulation
  • Controlling Speaking Stress and Fear
  • Handling the Question – Answer Session
  • Creating the balance between tools and technology
  • Dealing with Presentation Disasters
  • Eight Principles of presenting to upper management

Methodology: Participative Exercises, Lectures, Presentation Film, Visual Aids, Video Recording and Replay, Evaluations and Feedback.

Duration: 1 Day – Corporate Communication Skills Training, Presentation Skills Training


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