High Performance Leadership

“Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.”

–  Dwight David Eisenhower

LEADERSHIP is the more than just an authority that directs others to do what is desired to be done. With the change in time there has been the change in the roles of leadership too. Leadership is now considered as the authority which can not only lead the way and give directions but can also demonstrate by performing most of the times.
A leader is a person who is fearless and radiates confidence and assertiveness. A leader is always in charge of the situation. A Leader is a person who deals effectively in difficult situations. A leader is like a drop of honey that gathers hundreds of ants and flies.
The objective of this training module is to inculcate in the participants the habits of a leader.
Understand the reasons why people need a leader to follow and what are the qualities required to become a successful leader.
This module gives the participants a practical working guidelines which they can follow to become a more effective and more likable leaders of their teams.

Learning Objectives:

  • Need for Leadership and how can everyone be a leader.
  • Role of leadership in the organization.
  • The Servant as a Leader idea.
  • How to be an effective Servant-Leader.
  • Challenges of Leadership and way to overcome.
  • The next Level of Leadership


  • The Core Habits to build a strong foundation of a Leader
  • What is a Leader and why Leadership is needed?
  • Are Leaders Born or Made?
  • Managers Vs Leaders
  • Leadership Principles
  • What is Servant Leadership?
  • Important traits and characteristics of a Leader (in contrast with a Manager)
  • Developing an articulating sense of Mission or Purpose
  • Examples of Good Leaders
  • General Leadership Cycle
  • Four major Leadership Factors
  • Leaders’ most important words
  • The next level – Level 5 Leadership

Methodology: Lectures, Audio Visual Presentations, Questionnaires, Group Activities and Games.

Duration: 1 day


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