Success Strategies of High Achievers

“All of the top achievers I know are life-long learners… Looking for new skills, insights, and ideas. If they’re not learning, they’re not growing… not moving toward excellence.”

– Denis Waitley

Questions are the Answers

  • What does it take to be truly successful at work?
  • How do people become high achievers?
  • What Competencies and skills have such people developed?
  • What strategies did they follow to be successful?
  • How can you create a roadmap for being a high performer?
  • These are the focus areas of this programme. Cutting edge research today clearly reveals what separates low performers from high performers.


  • To create an awareness of the competencies, skills and strategies of high achievers
  • To bring about alertness among functional and line managers about the vital factors driving high performance
  • To apply the success strategies of high achievers to the participant’s work and life


  • The Values that drive high achievers
  • The Will to Win: Ways to Motivate Yourself to Succeed
  • Understanding Your Needs
  • How Self Actualized are you?
  • Creating inspiring Goals
  • The seven boosters for your Self Confidence
  • Assess and Play to Your Strengths
  • Dealing with People Assertively
  • Influencing People: the key to producing outstanding results
  • How to break free and get out of any rut
  • Making your work fun and fulfilling
  • Strategies to actualize your potential


  • Lecturettes – for theoretical inputs
  • Instruments – for self-awareness and analysis
  • Experiential Activities – to internalize concepts
  • Sharing of Experiences and Discussions

Duration: 2 Days – Corporate Human Potential Development Training.


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